A Successful 2013 Miami Snipe Invitational

The 2nd edition of the Miami Invitational was a success.  Kathleen organizes the four-day event with the help of numerous volunteers from the Snipe Class.  This year, sailors ages 12 – 30 from around North America completed 8 races on Biscayne Bay.  In addition to organizing the event, Kathleen serves as a coach during the clinic, is a mark boat during the regatta, and this year, sailed in the event, due to another crew not being able to sail the last day.  Kathleen and her teammate, Evert, McLaughlin from Toronto, Canada, finished the regagtta by winning the last race.



Top Placing Teams New to the Snipe:

1. Rob Davis (Kingston,ON) & Natalya Doris (Miami, FL)

2. Evert McLaughlin (Toronto, ON) & Dominique Wright (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

3. Niklas Anderson (Boca Raton, FL) & Nikki Bruno (West Palm Beach, FL)


Top 5 Overall:

1. Kevin Reali & Ashely Reali (St. Petersburg, FL)

2. Mitch Hall (Charleston, SC) & Nicole Popp (Miami, FL)

3. David Hernandez (Miami, FL) and Pere Puig (Miami, FL)

4. Addison Hackstaff (St. Petersburg, FL) & Alexander Voce (St. Petersburg, FL)

5. Edgar Diminich (Ecuador) & Lizzie Ryder (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


Junior Skippers Qualifying for the 2013 Junior Snipe Worlds in Rio de Janiero

1.  Charlie Bess (Miami, FL)

2.  Liz Dubovik (Chatham, MA)

3.  Jensen McTighe (Fort Lauderdale, FL)



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